Children's Ministry


Our children are so important. We recognize this because the Lord Himself declares that all people are created in His image. Our greatest desire is to come alongside parents to help them train their children in righteousness. We also recognize that we are only a small percentage of their lives each week, so we desire to be resources in helping parents raise their children in a way that always points them to Jesus Christ.

It is often said, that “children are the future of the church”. That statement is true, but we cannot wait until they are teenagers before we begin to steer them towards their creator. We, therefore, desire to be a Gospel-centered children’s ministry. This means that we will focus the learning of your child around the importance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and how the Gospel will affect them on a daily basis.

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Our Nursery/Toddler Rooms provide care for children from 0 to 48 months of age. Our facility is well-equipped and staffed by trained individuals who are dedicated to the safety of your child.

While in the nursery our caregivers ensure that your children receive plenty of love, care, and attention in addition to teaching them about Jesus’ love, songs, scripture, and fundamental Bible truths. For your convenience, the nursery is open during all bible study and worship services.

Security is a top priority within our nursery. To ensure a safe environment for your children, background checks are required for all of our caregivers, and access to the nursery is very limited.

Kids Connection

We offer a variety of classes for children Grades Pre – K to 5th Grade. Our Kids Connection classes begin at 9:00 AM on Sundays and are geared to help each child learn about God and His love for them in a way that is both educational and enjoyable.

Children’s Worship

At 10 am, all the children gather in the Praise & Worship room to participate and enjoy music & movements that inspire them. Afterward, they break out into Worship Zone 1 (Pre – K & Kindergarten) or Worship Zone 2 (1st – 2nd grade) where they enjoy age-appropriate lessons that include activities, games, and more. The 3rd – 5th Graders are escorted to the Worship Center where they sit together in a designated area for the worship service.